Our Promise to You

The professional team at The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida was purposefully assembled to bring you the very best. Each team member of our staff are dedicated to caring for you. They are passionate about their skillful work, and they are here to provide you with amazing results each and every time you visit our clinic here on Panama City Beach.

Our team will always treat you with respect, protect your privacy, and follow your personal wishes. We are professionals and we are here to provide a high level of care to you. We greatly appreciate you choosing The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida to be your preferred service provider.

Timothy Ramsden, M.D.

Founder of The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida

Dr. Ramsden, OB/GYN, has over nineteen years experience serving and educating his patients and clients. Over the years, both men and women have sought his advice when choosing preventative and corrective cosmetic treatment and procedures. After much thought and hard work, Dr. Ramsden decided to combine his professional experiences to create the spa atmosphere and clinical results you are seeking...The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida was founded. We are the First and ONLY Anti-Aging Clinic in Bay county.

Our Team Members

Daniel Totter

Nurse Practitioner

Daniel Totter, FNP-BC, is a Christian, Husband, and father of 3 beautiful children. He has 13 years of medical experience working in areas such as: the operating room, emergency room, adult ICU, pediatric urgent care, and geriatric care units. Daniel has loved every minute of his work in caring for everyone from days old to well over one hundred years old. Some of his passions include sports, automobiles, music, and his faith. However, the biggest passion he has is helping his patients live the healthiest and best life that they can possibly achieve.

Annalisa Totter

Registered Nurse

Annalisa Totter, RN, has been in the medical field for 12 years. The majority of her career has been specialized in Women’s Health, in both clinic and hospital settings. She balances her career, marriage, & motherhood by God's grace & family support that encourage her to continue her passion in providing compassionate care to all her patients.

Whitney Arntz

Registered Nurse

Whitney is our experienced registered nurse who brings to our clinic twelve years of diverse medical knowledge and experience. Specializing in all of our services offered Whitney graduated with her bachelors of nursing from the University of Southern Mississippi (go Eagles!)And while nursing is her career she also has a personal passion in raising awareness and researching the latest treatment and therapies for Autism motivated by her son Spencer who is her hero. Whitney also enjoys a good book and traveling when time allows.