It happens: unwanted skin pigmentation can arise that affects your appearance. Brown age spots or sunspots can become prominent in areas such as your face, hands and shoulders. Although they don’t require medical care, they are aesthetically unappealing and you may want to remove them for cosmetic reasons.

Not all unwanted pigmentation is accidental. The colorful pigments that make up tattoos are intended to last a lifetime, but your love for your ink may not be so permanent. A tattoo that started as a positive means of self-expression may now be a source of regret, embarrassment or painful memories. Thankfully, regardless of the color or nature of your undesired pigmentation, it’s possible to start fresh by having it removed.

In the past, laser pigment removal was complicated. It often required multiple trips to a cosmetic practice for painful procedures and created less than optimal results. However, a new laser is changing the market. PiQo4 by Luminis, a leader in energy-based cosmetic technologies, is a highly versatile laser for pigmentation problems and skin rejuvenation. The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida is proud to carry the PiQo4 and eager to remove your unwanted tattoos, sunspots and age spots to revive your skin’s appearance. If you’re interested in learning more about PiQo4 and would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 850-238-8563 or visit our contact page.


What Is PiQo4 and How Does It Work?

PiQo4 is a revolutionary laser technology that can eliminate skin imperfections. PiQo4 is the only laser system that uses four wavelengths at nanosecond and picosecond pulses, which allows it to provide a range of aesthetic solutions.

When introduced to a pigment-related blemish, PiQo4 breaks up the pigmentation and promotes collagen production, helping to remove the blemish and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. PiQo4’s two pulse delivery methods ensure all types of pigment can be treated effectively. The nanosecond pulses deliver longer energy bursts that shatter larger and deeper pigment particles, while the shorter picosecond pulses target smaller pigment or ink particles. Using both pulses together often yields better results than using either one on its own.

Adjustable penetration depths and varying wavelengths shatter natural pigmentation and tattoo ink without damaging the surrounding skin. The high energy levels of PiQo4 achieve pigment removal with fewer treatments compared with other laser systems. PiQo4 is a safe and efficient procedure that can reduce pigmentation and revive the complexion for all skin tones.

Who Can Benefit From PiQo4?

PiQo4 is a unique treatment because the light energy is converted into acoustic waves that shatter the ink or pigment particles. This process is fast and effective, and makes PiQo4 a suitable treatment for men and women of any skin tone, including darker skin types. During an initial consultation at The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida, one of our professional team members will assess your skin condition and goals to confirm your candidacy for PiQo4 laser pigment removal.

PiQo4 offers your skin a clean slate and a fresh start. The PiQo4 laser treatment is ideal for patients who:
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Submental fullness or a “double chin”
  • Neck laxity or a “turkey neck”

The PiQo4 Procedure

PiQo4 laser pigment removal is convenient, effective and safe. Your practitioner will provide guidelines for preparation and aftercare, as well as the approximate length of the session.

During the treatment, your laser specialist will pass the PiQo4 laser handpiece across areas of your skin where unwanted pigmentation, tattoos or blemishes are noticeable. The varying wavelengths and pulses will be altered throughout the treatment to ensure a successful breakdown of the pigment or ink. You’ll experience a mild warming sensation and hear a popping sound as the system emits the laser. PiQo4 is a relatively comfortable treatment that can be completed during your lunch hour. If desired, a topical numbing cream may be applied at the start of the session to maximize your comfort.

The length of a PiQo4 laser pigment removal session depends on the number of areas you are having treated and the size and depth of pigment being targeted. Typically, the treatment lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

PiQo4 Results and Recovery

Minimal downtime is needed after a PiQo4 laser treatment. Most patients can return to daily activities immediately afterward. The treated area may initially look and feel as if it were sunburned — red, tight and dry. These effects are normal and should go away after several hours. Stay out of direct sun and be diligent about sunscreen use for a few days following the treatment.
After your first session, you may begin to notice improvements in pigmentation and skin texture. Your PiQo4 results will gradually improve over time as collagen production increases and your body’s lymphatic system disposes of the broken down ink or pigment. A series of sessions may be required for optimal pigment reduction in larger areas or certain colors of tattoo ink. Your provider will estimate the number of sessions that may be needed to remove your pigmentation in your initial consultation.
Final results vary from patient to patient, but in most cases, PiQo4 creates beautifully even skin that’s clear and healthy. PiQo4 results are long-lasting.

Remove Unwanted Skin Pigmentation With PiQo4

Skin pigmentation can occur naturally, because of the sun or your genetic makeup, or can manifest at your own volition as a tattoo. These pigmented areas can become defining characteristics of your skin, and may result in embarrassment or regret. Whether they were born of natural causes or your desire for artistic self-expression, even the darkest pigments can be faded with this revolutionary laser treatment. Reinvent your skin with PiQo4 laser pigment removal.
If you’re interested in learning more about PiQo4 and would like to have your skin blemish examined by Dr. Ramsden, please give The Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida a call at 850-238-8563 or visit our contact page.