A nanoparticle joint injection is the latest health and wellness treatment. The revolutionary treatment helps relieve pain, encourage cell regeneration and improves overall joint health. When your joints are affected by such conditions as inflammation and former injuries, preventing you from enjoying activities you once did, it is possible to regain their strength. Nanoparticle joint injections can help you reclaim your life by increasing mobility and reducing pain.

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What Are Nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are naturally present and act as messengers within the cellular world. The extracellular vesicle essentially travels throughout the body, carrying messages from cell to cell to give status updates. Among these messages, nanoparticles can instruct immune cells to begin the healing process. Nanoparticles don't have the DNA of their original source, which means nanoparticles do not have any side effects.

What Are Nanoparticle Joint Injections?

Nanoparticle joint injections assist the T-cells and NK cells, part of the body's immune system. T-cells calm the immune system, and NK cells help boost that response. T-cells and NK cells essentially influence how the body responds to joint pain and inflammation. 

When nanoparticles are injected into an affected joint, they prompt the T-cells and NK cells to return to healthy function. The nanoparticles initiate the delivery of proteins into the walls of the cells, which tells them how to regulate themselves. This delivery of proteins essentially causes two things to happen. The first is that it almost immediately tells the inflammatory response to turn off. The second is that the nanoparticles instruct the T-cells and NK cells to regulate properly, which will lead to long-term relief. 

Who Do They Benefit?

Many conditions can be improved with the help of a nanoparticle joint injection. The treatment is an effective way to correct concerns such as chronic inflammation, degenerative disorders, fibromyalgia and pain from autoimmune disorders. If you struggle with any of these conditions, a nanoparticle joint injection may be beneficial. During an initial consultation at the Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida, Dr. Ramsden will review your medical history, physiology and concerns to determine if an nanoparticle joint injection is right for you. 

What Happens During an Nanoparticle Joint Injection Treatment?

A nanoparticle joint injection is a relatively simple treatment. During a treatment, the nanoparticles are injected directly into the affected joint. The injection is highly concentrated. Just one milliliter has 1 billion to 15 billion nanoparticles. The number of nanoparticles utilized will depend on your unique needs and the treatment plan that is devised. 

The number of nanoparticle injections needed will depend on the state of your condition. In some cases, patients will only need one injection, while others may need multiple injections to attain their desired results. Ongoing booster injections may be necessary to maintain results.

How quickly your results appear will depend on your age, condition, and how long you have had your condition. It takes time for the body to repair itself. It can take approximately three to four months until the results are noticeable. Your condition will be significantly improved by then, and your joints will potentially not be plagued with daily pain and inflammation. 

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