Most individuals want to preserve a healthy and youthful appearance for as long as possible — but no matter how proactive you are about sun protection or taking care of your skin, you can’t fight the effects of genetics, gravity and the general aging process forever. Aging is a reality that everyone faces, but thanks to advancements in aesthetic medicine, there are proven options that can turn back the clock.

FaceTite is a safe and highly effective contouring solution that addresses both skin laxity and stubborn fat on the face and neck. Using thermal radiofrequency energy, FaceTite offers substantial aesthetic improvements similar to a surgical facelift or neck lift without the discomfort, downtime or scarring. If you wish to achieve a more youthful, natural-looking complexion that can be enjoyed for years to come, FaceTite may be the solution for you.


How Does FaceTite Work?

FaceTite is powered by RFAL technology, otherwise known as radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis. In conventional liposuction procedures, fat is removed from the body via a hollow tube called a cannula, as well as a suction device. With RFAL, radiofrequency energy is transmitted between an internal cannula and an external electrode on the FaceTite device, creating a controlled heating effect that melts stubborn fat and promotes collagen remodeling to tighten the skin. The internal and external treatment of FaceTite results in treated areas that not only appear more toned but also firmer without any thermal injury to the surrounding tissues.

Who Can Benefit From FaceTite?

FaceTite can be a beneficial treatment for adult patients of all ages hoping to reduce or eliminate signs of facial aging without invasive surgery or lengthy periods of downtime. Because FaceTite is minimally-invasive in nature, the treatment generally appeals to those who are not yet ready for cosmetic surgery but still have mild to moderate sagging skin and wrinkles they’d like to address.

FaceTite can treat virtually any area of the face and neck
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Submental fullness or a “double chin”
  • Neck laxity or a “turkey neck”

Is There Any Downtime Needed After FaceTite?

Your recovery requirements after your FaceTite procedure will be minimal. While you may observe some postprocedural swelling, redness, discomfort or skin sensitivity, most patients find that these effects are manageable and will resolve on their own within a few days. Wearing a compression garment following your treatment is generally recommended to help you achieve the best results. Before your FaceTite procedure, our providers will ensure you receive complete instructions regarding your aftercare any restrictions for physical activities.

What Results can FaceTite Achieve?

Following your FaceTite treatment, many patients will observe noticeable improvements in their treated areas almost immediately. Results will continue to improve in appearance over the following months as new collagen is formed and tissues conform to a tighter contour. Most of our patients will only require one FaceTite procedure to achieve the youthful results they desire. While no one will ever be immune from the aging process for good, FaceTite results can persist for up to five years with a diligent skincare routine and daily sun protection.

If you are struggling with age-related changes on your face or neck but do not wish to undergo surgery, FaceTite can achieve significant subdermal contraction and fat reduction results with minimal downtime and side effects.

If you would like to learn more about FaceTite and how it can turn back the clock on your skin for years, contact the Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida today.