Jawline Contouring Treatments

Fluctuations in weight, sun damage and the ongoing effects of gravity and time all contribute to signs of aging that occur on the face and neck. Over time, these factors cause the skin’s internal structure to weaken, resulting in the appearance of loose, wrinkled skin, jowls along the jawline and excess fat pockets beneath the chin. Regardless of your age or weight, the presence of excess skin and stubborn fat cells around the jawline area can create an appearance that makes you look older or heavier than you actually are.

Jawline contouring treatments at the Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida encompasses a suite of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures designed to restore youthfulness and refinement to the jawline, chin and neck areas. These procedures contour the skin and shape of the jawline, creating a smoother, firmer and more defined look to the face and neck. If you are ready to take years off of your appearance without surgery or downtime, we offer a variety of treatment approaches to deliver the taut, slim jawline you want with minimal discomfort or downtime.



Forma utilizes auto-adjusting and noninvasive thermal energy for deep and uniform tissue stimulation. Using radiofrequency (RF) energy that flows continuously through the handpiece’s electrodes, Forma provides patients with a comfortable treatment experience that yields immediate subdermal contraction effects. The RF energy penetrates deep into the underlying layers of the skin to stimulate the formation of new collagen, improving the skin’s elasticity and tone over time for long-lasting results.

Fillers and Botox

In some cases, dermal fillers or Botox can be used to create the illusion of a slimmer and more defined jawline depending on your face shape, bone structure and aesthetic concerns. Patients who have prominent masseter muscles, or the muscles on either side of your face that help you chew, can be treated with Botox to reduce the size and activity of these muscles, creating a slimmer jawline. Structural fillers such as Sculptra can also be used along the jawline to mimic the appearance of bone, creating a more noticeable contrast between the face and neck at the jaw.


NovaThreads are temporary, biocompatible sutures that are inserted beneath the skin to lift and support sagging facial or neck tissues. Also known as polydioxanone (PDO) threads, NovaThreads provide an internal scaffolding to hold up lax skin while stimulating the body’s healing response to produce more collagen over time. While the body safely and naturally absorbs NovaThreads over several months, your renewed collagen production will continue to improve the firmness and smoothness of the skin for 12 months or more. NovaThreads are ideal for those with moderate neck and jawline laxity and who wish to achieve facelift-like results without undergoing surgery.


A smaller version of BodyFX, the MiniFX by Inmode uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and electrical impulses to destroy stubborn fat and tighten the skin in small areas of the body. Treated fat cells will be eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system over time, gradually revealing a smoother and sleeker treatment area. With zero downtime necessary, this procedure is ideal for patients bothered by the appearance of loose skin and excess fat along their jawline.

To learn more about our jawline contouring options and which treatment is right for you and your goals, contact the office of the Anti-Aging Clinic of Northwest Florida today.